Campervan & Motorhome Shows UK & Europe

Looking to attend a Campervan show in the UK and Europe featuring all the latest motorhome, caravan, camping, 4WD or outdoor products and information? You'll find a range of new products, supplier presentations, flea markets, and childrens activities. Mark the following dates in your diary!

Hertz 24/7 Lands on the Gold Coast with Hourly Rentals

While visiting the Gold Coast this week, I found out about the new Hertz 24/7 Hourly Rental scheme. I hadn't really heard much about this launch, but after doing some research I found Sydney was actually the first trial city in Australia, and Gold Coast the second. It seems the Sydney trial has so well it's initial 25 cars has now grown to a whopping 60. Seems the Hourly Rental market is taking off.

Car rental company to display advertising on it's cars

Looking to save a dollar on Car Rental? USA Today is reporting that an Atlanta Car Rental company is covering their vehicles in advertising to lower the cost of car rentals for consumers.

How the Internet Has Changed the Car Hire Industry

Isn't the Internet brilliant! You can see what your friends are doing in real time, phone them, text them, view photos of them, nudge them, wink at them, play games with them, befriend them, defriend them, like them, unlike them, comment on their photos, you can even marry them online!

Car Hire after the Brisbane Floods

Brisbane's current flood disaster is a reminder of mother natures might and power. The current scene is typical of a post war zone. Buildings destroyed, people left homeless and destitute, cars damaged, looting, and evacuation centres swarming with people.

Top 20 World's Busiest Airports

Ever wanted to know what the Top 20 Busiest Airports in the World are. Below is the list of Airports ranked in order of passenger numbers as at 2011.

Some interesting facts:

USA holds 6 positions within the Top 20, and London Heathrow which is widely regarded as one of the busiest airports in the world is actually in Position 4.

China has 4 Airports in the Top 20 (including Hong Kong) - obviously due to its population and high trade however India (another populous nation) doesn't even rank in the Top 20.

Flood Crisis hits peak in Rockhampton Australia

The worst flood in over 50 years has affected North Queensland Australia, mainly in the city of Rockhampton

Damage has been caused to major roads, rail lines, and bridges, not to mention the countless homes, cars, businesses and public utilities with rising waters.

Approimately 200,000 people over an area the size of Germany and France are affected by the flooding with ten people killed.

Damage has been estimated at about $5 billion Australian Dollars.

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