Hertz 24/7 Lands on the Gold Coast with Hourly Rentals

While visiting the Gold Coast this week, I found out about the new Hertz 24/7 Hourly Rental scheme. I hadn't really heard much about this launch, but after doing some research I found Sydney was actually the first trial city in Australia, and Gold Coast the second. It seems the Sydney trial has so well it's initial 25 cars has now grown to a whopping 60. Seems the Hourly Rental market is taking off.

While walking around Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach I encountered 2 Hertz pickup points, and to my surprise (and convenience) my Hotel in Surfers Paradise had one right outside the front door! Handy for me, but I guess this was just a bit of luck.

It seems like a great idea and I think the program will really take off. I did however notice the car outside my hotel did sit there for most of the two weeks I was staying there. It moved only once - but it was a quitish time to visit the Gold Coast, so I'd assume through the busy summer holiday period the Cars will get far more use.

  • Hertz Hourly Rental Car Gold Coast
    Hertz 247 in Surfers Paradise.

  • 247 Car in Surfers Paradise
    Hourly Rental Car on the Gold Coast.

So how much does the Hertz 247 Hourly Rentals cost? From as little as $10 you can be off on your way in minutes! With fuel inclusive, this is a great price if you're only after a quick drive to the shops or to drop off friends at the Airport. Whatever your needs, the hourly rental scheme does satisfy a market especially in this day and age where people expect convenience and are always striving for cheaper car rental. The other selling point the 247 scheme promotes on it's website is that 18-21 Year Olds are welcome, but charged at a small $2hr/$20day fee. This is great news for those still on Probationary Licences who really find it difficult getting hold of a rental car.

So what are the negatives? Well, to access the car you'll need to wait and register for a "Keyfob" which they are quoting arrives in the mail within "a couple of days". Ok...that removes some of the convenience and spontaneity this scheme could attract but it's not a huge downfall. Also if the fuel goes below 1/4 of a tank, you are required to refuel. This isn't all bad, as you won't have to pay for it - you just use the fuel cards located in the seat pocket as the $10 per hour fee is 'all inclusive'. Another negative is you need to return the car from where you picked it up. Not great if you are only going one way.

In summary, I think Hertz are doing the right thing, and I'm sure the competitors will be soon to follow, if they haven't already. Consumers can only benefit and I guess we'll see more and more hourly rentals coming our way.

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