Flood Crisis hits peak in Rockhampton Australia

The worst flood in over 50 years has affected North Queensland Australia, mainly in the city of Rockhampton

Damage has been caused to major roads, rail lines, and bridges, not to mention the countless homes, cars, businesses and public utilities with rising waters.

Approimately 200,000 people over an area the size of Germany and France are affected by the flooding with ten people killed.

Damage has been estimated at about $5 billion Australian Dollars.

Insurance claims are expected to be huge. The top 3 insurance companies lost $830 million as investor concerns about the floods intensified.

With the expected number of damaged cars, car hire in Rockhampton is expected to be huge with car rental companies tipped to bring in extra supplies to handle the demand once the waters have receeded. Car Hire with insurance claims is a massive industry with issues arising everyday due to car damage, theft and natural disasters occuring all over the world.

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