Six Travel Apps you can’t afford to be without

We've compiled Six of the best travel apps you can't be overlook when planning your next trip.

1)      Trip Advisor – Yes it’s the biggest and probably the best travel information site on the web. Lots of information, user reviews to make the best of your holiday, business trip or weekend away. Tripadvisor is a must for any traveler.

2)      AirBnb – Airbnb is one of the best new sites going around to find people who are willing to rent out their spare bed or entire house. With thousands of reviews and host photographs you feel trusted that you are booking a reputable room or home and not something random with little information.

3)      TripIt – Tripit combines all your flights into one easy to use screen. The best part about Tripit is that you don’t need to enter any details! Simply forward your flight confirmation email to Tripit’s email address and it will populate your flight details for you! This saves you time, but also eliminates the hassle of having to look through all your confirmation emails to find the terminal / seat and flight details.

4)      Hotels Combined – Hotels Combined is a great site for checking the prices of hotels as it searches a lot of aggregate sites in one search. It combines the details from sites such as, Hotelclub, Expedia etc. in one results screen. From there you can pick the cheapest and best value and book your deal.

5)      Seat Guru – Seat Guru is a great site to help you find the best seat for your flight. You don’t want to end up sitting next to the toilet, so this site will pinpoint exactly where the best and worst seats are. Simply put in your flight details and it will find your aircraft.

6)      Free Wifi Finder – this is a great app if you are on the go and need quick and easy access to Wifi. Just start up the app and it will find your current location and all the surrounding wifi points.

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